It’s a Wrap—A Red Carpet Finale for the Tchey School Filmmakers

It seems the stars were aligned for the WOWi team and the students at Tchey school. Just as the young filmmakers were putting the finishing touches on their movie project, the Angkor Wat International Film Festival was in full swing in Siem Reap. The festival perfectly coincided with the successful culmination of two intensely productive weeks of skill building and movie making for the hard-working group.

Angkor Wat

Last we left our team in Cambodia, students were wrapping up the first week of the WOWi digital media class. With new skills and film planning in their back pockets, the teams had headed out to finalize their shot lists and start filming. On Monday and Tuesday of the second week, WOWi teachers helped them think of additional shots they might need and ones that might need a ‘do over.”

And as all writers know, a story evolves with time so their teachers helped the students modify their creations as needed. By Wednesday the filming was pretty much done, and it was time to sew the shots together into a cohesive whole. At the same time, the students formulated and produced voiceovers, creating subtitles where needed. They then picked out just the right music for each of the five teams’  productions.

Saturday was the final class and the longest class day of the entire two weeks. While some film projects were complete, a few of the teams needed some final touch-up and polish. Last minute technical difficulties threatened to hinder one team’s project, but the group put their heads together to resolve it—just in time. By the end of the day all that was left was finalizing the credits at the end of each film and a few other small items that Diana finished the next day.

Happy faces on the last day of class.

During this second week, two new and extremely helpful faces joined the dedicated WOWi team to pitch in. One volunteer was Chad Chisolm—an excellent photographer from Boulder, Colorado, who helped the students and the team capture some professional photos of Angkor and environs.  And Ponheary Ly Foundation volunteer, Bill Hermanns—an experienced video and filmmaker—came from Los Angeles to teach the class interviewing skills the following week.

The project’s grand finale was a visit to the film festival where they saw two films and took their rightful places in the red carpet area, hamming it up like film stars. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of the fun and success they will have as they take their skills to the next level.

Students get the red carpet treatment at Angkor International Film Festival

The WOWi team is in the process of building a website dedicated to showcasing these and future video projects for all to see.

Congratulations to the whole team for their tireless work in making this dream a reality for the students. And this is only the beginning… Stay tuned for more on this project from the Austin side of things!

List of volunteers (plus Bill) who made this all possible


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